Reclaiming the sense of Adventure

We invite children to creatively interact with the world that surrounds them - in sometimes challenging, usually surprising, but always engaging ways. Practicing to use all their senses, we encourage them to discover their inner and outer world with awe, to authentically express themselves, and to create beyond the fear of failure. Kids learn to trust themselves, listen to one another, and begin to enjoy the art of playful collaboration.

Find out how below, join us for an experience, and LET THE HEART BREATHE!

All of our indoor events take place at the Aikido by the Bay dojo at 811 S B Street, San Mateo, CA 94401.

Our outdoor events take place at changing locations.

Outdoor Adventures

A Wild Heart Kids Club Outdoor Adventure brings kids together in person, and immerses them in the beautiful natural environment of the SF Peninsula - beaches, forests, parks and more. While this is a big value in itself, our programs also come with creative challenges, tasks, or games to stretch the adventurers into "unknown territory": brainstorming, risk taking, trial&error, and real-time teamwork are some of the elements they will practice during each outing. However, the Wild Hearts Kids Club wouldn't be wild if every expedition would go totally according to plan ... I encourage the kids to take charge and change the direction of the adventure - sometimes even changing the location we will go to, or what activities we will do. Having a say in their life's experience is a rare occurrence these days! Weaved into any of the exciting activities of the WHKC is a frequent micro-pausing, checking in with our feelings and emotions, and practicing to be vulnerable, normalizing even strong and uncomfortable emotions, and getting better at being "real" (authenticity!). Over time, kids build trust that it's ok to show up as who they really are, that it's necessary to make mistakes to grow, and that it's normal to have a lot of different emotions - and that we can learn to regulate them. Increased creativity, self-confidence and resilience are core intentions of the Wild Hearts Kids Club Outdoor Adventures.



Aikido for Kids

As a complement to Aikido By The Bay's regular evening classes, the Wild Hearts Kids Club offers Aikido for Kids for Homeschoolers - during the day time, three times a week.

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"It is such a pleasure to watch how Sebastian interacts with the children. My son asks frequently when he can go to Aikido again (sometimes even as soon as we get in the car). He loves the classes, he is excited to share what he learned at class, and it's wonderful to see how he looks up to Sebastian." Katherine G.

Wild Hearts Play Date

Movement based games and activities in a premier indoor location in San Mateo. Self-directed, creative and collaborative play invites kids to initiate, negotiate and communicate autonomously!

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"My daughter has been attending Wild Hearts Play Dates for a few months. It's one of her favorite activities and always something she looks forward to. Sebastian is a wonderful instructor who runs his classes in a way that is friendly to children of all ages and abilities. I especially love that these classes foster imagination and cooperation, encouraging kids to creatively engage with each other in fun ways. I highly recommend them!" Vishaya N.

Special & Custom Events

We host Saturday night kids' parties, all-day-outdoor-adventures and bespoke birthday experiences - ask me about it!

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