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Why we are

Kids naturally meet the world with curiosity.

The Wild Hearts Kids Club's mission is to support children between the ages of 4 - 12 build courage and self-confidence on their journey into life.

We curate "beyond-school" educational experiences that cultivate somatic, emotional and social intelligence, and invite children's intuition, creative self-expression and leadership.


We emphasize the core values of humility, care, and integrity.

Musings on Life


We are born porous

We are born in awe

We are born in wonder

We are born to experience


We seek safety

We seek connection

We seek autonomy

We seek belonging


We love to play

We love to laugh

We love the mystery

We love to discover


We long to create

We long to participate

We long to contribute

We long to matter


We need to be seen and accepted as we are

We need to remain in awe and wonder of the mystery of life

We need to discover how and where we fit into the miracle of life

We need role models to guide us patiently and compassionately

We need to fully participate with the sacred.

Ronit Herzfeld

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